Bliss St. is London’s first Saj street stall, coming soon to a food market near you.

Bliss St. is named after one of Beirut’s most iconic streets, one that wonderfully captures the microcosm of the city and brings many facets of its history and society to life.

Day and night, Bliss street is bustling with taxi drivers, tourists from surrounding beaches, doctors on a break, AUB students from the near-by American campus (whose founder, Daniel Bliss, the street is named after), families on an outing and partygoers of all ages. Everyone converges on Bliss street to be heartily served by the street bakers who carried the traditional trade of making Saj bread from the mountainous villages of Lebanon to the streets of Beirut.   

Bliss St. is proud to bring to the streets of London its passion for Saj, an age-old trade that has long brought families and friends together. We bake our Saj moments before serving and use the freshest ingredients, combining traditional and modern flavours





Saj is a staple street food which originates from villages and towns across the Levant, mainly in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Saj consists of a thin & flat round bread freshly baked on a metal dome, also known as a saj. While baking, a mix of fresh toppings are added such as zaatar, halloumi and lamb, resulting in a freshly baked, warm and delicious delicacy that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The most important ingredients that go into making saj bread are patience, precision and technique. The homemade saj bread recipe uniquely created by Bliss St. offers a delicate balance of a crispy yet tender bite with an authentic richness of flavours that come together naturally as they melt in the mouth. 

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